alt rock band
North-east UK indie-rock/punk outfit EMU write punchy, catchy tracks about drunken nights out, nodding off whilst at a club, and simply wanting to be at home sipping a nice cup of tea whilst relaxing to The Smiths - we've all been there.


The diverse collective, which contains members that have supported the likes of The Enemy and Miles Kane in previous bands, are inspired by the likes of Feeder, Nirvana, Childish Gambino, Royal Blood, Oasis, Blur, Foo Fighters, The Smiths, Sex Pistols, The Beatles and Buddy Holly.

Using the aforementioned artists as their inspiration, they have developed an eclectic sound that fuses the delicate guitar lines of indie (think The Strokes and The Vaccines) with the attitude and hard-hitting delivery of punk (think The Clash).

The band may have only been together for a short space of time, but they have developed a sound that is their own. Working together as a collective force, they have been able to collate together their individual influences to create a sound that is not only catchy and punchy but is mature, already well-developed and uncompromising.